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wedding pcture of beth and harley Petersen on June 15, 1957

June 15, 1957

A Long road preparing us!

harley and beth PetersenBeth%20JPG.jpg

Beth and I are so thankful our path has crossed with yours.
In fact, we believe it was a divine appointment. Over forty
years ago, an encounter with God changed our lives
forever, and we believe He will do the same for you. We
consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to share the
truth of His life-changing power and grace with you.

It started in 1968. Beth's step father and I had just returned
from a fishing trip at Valentine, NE. He had dropped me off
at home (in Blair, NE.). Her mother had prepared supper,
so we drove out to their place. Beth started to cry as we
parked in front of their house. She was in real pain, but
insisted that she would be alright. She told me that she
had been to see the Doctor earlier in the day and he gave
her some medicine.

We went home soon after supper as Beth still had a lot of
pain in her ankle. We went to bed and soon she was
screaming with pain in her chest. I called the rescue and
they moved her to the hospital.

The blood clots had broke loose and some stuck in her
heart and others in her lungs. Our Doctor told me several
 times during the next couple of hours, that he did not
know if she would make it through.

Beth has had the Heart Arrhythmia problem since birth.The
Medical industry did not have experience with this yet and
had no idea how to help.

She came through, but with the veins were destroyed in her
legs. Completely destroyed in her right leg. This caused big
open ulcerating sores on her legs. This went on and
continued to get worse for 15 years.

I found these pictures on the internet. I had not taken pictures 
during the time of the problems. So I found these which look a
lot like the sores which Beth had on her leg.

beth leg with open sores 1beth leg with open sores 2beth leg with open sores 4

beth leg with open sores 3

Our Doctor advised me that if it would not improve soon,
she would probably loose that leg. Just days later our
friends, George and June Stratbucker of Glendwood, Ia. 
stopped and prayed for healing for Beth's legs.

   George and I went to the basement as he wanted to see
my new computer and my new football game on it. June
stayed with Beth and prayed for her

   Beth told me the next day about June praying for her. We
watched it closely and about one week, Beth said, Look,
there are no new sores breaking out.

   We watched it closely as no new ones were breaking out
and old ones where healing. In about six weeks, they were
all healed (after 15 years), and have never broke out again.

   They have a lot of scar tissue on the leg, which I tell Beth
to be happy as the Lord left that as reminder what he did.

beth leg with open sores cured beth leg with open sores cured 2

This got our attention

and we both received the Lord and the Baptism in the Spirit.

Shortly after our previous experience I got the message

It was a Saturday morning in the early Spring. I was
working in the yard and  I had a plan of running an
errand before noon.

I came into the house to change cloths and as I walked
through the living room, I could see that Beth was on
the phone with her mother. She nodded her head
acknowledging she knew.

I showered and was pulling on my jeans and as I was
balancing on one foot and the other half way into the pant
leg, I heard in a loud and clear voice (go uptown). I was
startled and lost my balance and fell backward onto the
chair in front of the counter that Beth uses for doing her
makeup (can you imagine the results if I had missed that
chair and fell into the full mirror sliding glass door behind
the chair)?

I said, "Lord is that you"? I was about 90% sure it was as I
have heard him several times since he shouted at me 30
years ago ( and to think it used to turn me off when I
heard someone say, I heard the Lord).

He said again "(Go uptown)". I answered "OK Lord. I
finished dressing and waved as I went through the living
room (Beth was still on the phone).

Living in the South East of Lincoln, I got on South St. and
headed west. Connected with Normal Blvd and headed for
downtown. As I approached 17 th street, I said,
"Now where do I go"? He said, "(Lied Center)". OK I said
and continued on to the center at 12th and Q street.

I parked the car and crossed the street. The front door was
open, but all the windows and doors inside were locked.
"Ok, what now". I heard, "(See the man in white.)"

I looked around inside and outside for several minutes and
finally, I saw a man drive up in front in a fairly new white
Cadillac. A man got out and opened the trunk. He put
several large bundles of newsprint under and in his arms. I
open the front door and he said hello as he entered. We
introduced ourselves. He is a one man publisher and it is
 his racks that is all over town with the free publications of
places to rent and cars for sale etc.

He went out to get a few more booklets for the racks and
as he was outside, I asked the Lord, ("what is to happen
here, am I suppose to say something to him"?) No answer. I
talked with him as he finished. He said good bye and left.

I was dumbfounded. I waited around a little. Looked
around and finally said, "Lord, now what" He said,

"I was just finding out if you would carry out instructions."

Beth and I discussed this and even with our experience we
wondered what was coming now? Something coming or are
we supposed to do something?

Next morning, we heard Pastor Syd make a comment in his
message which seemed a little separate from the message.
Most people might not have noticed it, but we had a strong
feeling it was for us. Pastor said

"God will test you before giving you directions."

(OH----------) thank you Lord and Pastor.


 It was raining on Monday morning. My supervisor said
"hang around the house for awhile let's see what the
weather is going to do."

I tuned in TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and Sid Roth
was on. He was interviewing Frances Hunter. We decided to
buy their first book.

I read the first book in one day and we decided to register
for the training. This was not an impulse decision as we
had studied many sources on healing and deliverance since
Beth had a complete arrest in 1993. We found them to be
teaching exactly what we believe.

Harley and Beth Petersen


We did all the studies we were assigned and when the time
came to send in the final paper work and sign up for the
finals and Importation and Ordination, we asked each
other. Is this for real. Lord we don't know them except
from the TV interview and the internet.

We asked the Lord in prayer for a word of knowledge.
We got the answer in that very next week.

The day after I was talking on the phone with a older Lady
we had know from church for about 15 years. She asked
what we were doing. I told her and she asked who it was.
She was excited because She received her baptism in the
spirit in one of their seminars.

The next Wed. we were out and stopped at our friends of
15 years. In our visit, they had been to their seminar and
he had a leg healed.

I had sent an email to a friend of ours of 50 years telling
them what we were going to do.They called and wanted to
come and take us out to dinner and to find out about it.
They had been to a seminar also.

Thank you father for answering prayers!!!!

We sent in the final paper work and after the screening, we were accepted.

Graduation and Ordination

ordination conference group picture for Beth and Harley Petersen
All the Studies and work came to a peak October 15 after a
week of concentrated study. Beth and I were both Ordained
October 15, 2009.

harley petersen certificate of ordinationBeth Petersen Certificate of Ordination

Thank you Father! 
Thank you for the opportunity to serve others!

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